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Medical Alert Bracelets and Alarm Jewelry  - Article Details

Diabetes Medical Jewelry - The Importance Of Wearing Diabetes Medical Jewelry

Date Added: June 14, 2008 02:15:27 AM
Category: Medical Jewelry Alarms: Bracelet

Diabetes Medical Jewelry - The Importance Of Wearing Diabetes Medical Jewelry
By Terry Edwards

Diabetes medical jewelry can actually be the difference between life and death in certain medical emergencies. The American Medical Association encourages anyone with diabetes or diabetes mellitus, to wear a necklace or bracelet that could alert an emergency worker to know that you have a medical condition. The American Diabetes Association also recommends the same thing for diabetics. It only makes sense. Many medications and treatments work well for others, but with someone who has diabetes it could spell disaster.

Without a doctor knowing you're a diabetic, they will have no way of knowing you shouldn't have certain medicines or that you need a different kind of treatment that will work well with high blood sugar.

Diabetes medical jewelry is easy to find online. There are many websites that offer medical jewelry that can be engraved with your particular medical information. These jewelry pieces are available in silver bracelets or silver chain that go around your neck.

Another good reason for wearing a diabetes bracelet is to alert others, not just medical personnel, that you have diabetes. For example, if you suddenly bottom out from low blood sugar, others around you can see your bracelet and know you have diabetes.

Having diabetes and high blood glucose levels is a serious health condition. By wearing diabetes medical jewelry you can let others know your condition and be assured of getting the right treatment in the event of an emergency.

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